Friday, August 24, 2012

The Farce That is USADA

I never thought that I would be adding a new post to this blog, but today I became very disgusted or, let's say, a bit outraged hearing that Lance Armstrong will no longer fight the witch hunt that has been perpetrated by the USADA (the United States Association to Defame Armstrong)
The continuing investigation, whether proven or not, does nothing to with the mission of the USADA.  That is to preserve the integrity of competition, inspire true sport and protect the rights of the U.S. athletes. Armstrong has been tested over 500 times during his career and there has been no evidence of him doping. Armstrong was also subject to investigation by the United States Attorney United States Attorney's Office in L.A. for nearly two years, but that investigation was closed without any charges filed.
I understand in a way why Lance will not continue this fight.  As I see it, if cleared, the USADA will not be satisfied and will continue with the hunt.
I also fail to see any truth in the statements given by teammates that were caught doping, lied about it and then confessed when allegations were proven.   The one statement that still haunts me was Floyd Landis stating that Lance taught them all how to enhance their performance without getting caught.  If that was true, how did they get caught?
I am now interested in seeing if the UCI (international governing body for bicycling) will strip Lance of his wins on the alleged findings of the USADA and what law suits will follow if they do. This saga is no way over, but today I am outraged and with so much doping going on in amateur and pro sports today that outrage is vented toward the USADA.  Someone in that organization or a valuable contributor to that organization has a hair up their ass for Armstrong, not a concern for a clean sport.  May that hair turn into the worlds largest hemorrhoid.

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J Bowden said...

USADA needs to be investigated by the Senate. Armstrong is a national hero and deserves better than this. Only "proof" seems to be from former cyclists who are proven liars themselves. Nobody (except NSADA)will believe he is guilty until irevocable proof is put on the table.